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Why ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the professional writing of texts by a person other than the person named as the author. This service is particularly relevant in the legal field, as the requirements for expertise and precision in law are extremely high. Since every detail counts in the world of law and the impact of a single word can be serious, it is particularly important in this field to engage qualified and experienced lawyers as ghostwriters. Choosing the right expert not only ensures the quality of the work, but also compliance with ethical and academic standards. However, choosing the right ghostwriter in the legal field is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The challenge lies in finding someone who not only has in-depth knowledge of the law, but also the ability to translate it into clear, argumentative and persuasive texts. So how can you make sure you make the right choice? In this article, you will learn how making the right choice can help you achieve not only your academic goals, but also your professional ones.



How to proceed: How to find the ideal law ghostwriter

Start your search by contacting several reputable ghostwriting agencies. This initial broad inquiry will help you get a feel for the market and compare different offers. When comparing the offers, you should not only keep an eye on the costs, but also consider the availability of work samples and the transparency of the process. We have published a more detailed guide to this process in our article “Find the best ghostwriting agency | 5-step guide“.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing an agency is the quality of customer service. A responsive and professional customer service is often an indication of the seriousness and reliability of the agency. Pay attention to how quickly and comprehensively they respond to your inquiries and whether the service appears personal and customer-oriented.

It is also crucial that you communicate all your requirements and expectations clearly. This includes the topic, structure, desired sources and timeframe of your work. To minimize financial risk, it is advisable to agree on partial payments. This will ensure that the work is completed gradually to your satisfaction. Last but not least, constructive feedback loops are crucial to ensure the quality of the work. By scheduling regular feedback, you can ensure that the work meets your requirements and that any necessary adjustments can be made. Through this careful and thoughtful process, you can select a law ghostwriter who is qualified and meets your specific needs.


Costs: What does a ghostwriter in the field of law cost?

The cost of a ghostwriter in the field of law can vary considerably, depending on several factors such as the academic level of the work and the urgency of the assignment. In general, prices range from 30 to 95 euros per page, depending on the scope and complexity of the legal work. This range reflects the depth of research required, as well as the expertise and experience of the ghostwriter needed to produce high quality legal texts.

For specific assignments such as bachelor theses, master theses or term papers, prices vary depending on the individual requirements and deadline. More detailed price comparisons and a comprehensive overview of cost structures can be found in our further articles, such as “Termpaper writing prices | Comprehensive overview!” and “Ghostwriter prices | Agency price comparison & price overview“, which can help you make an informed decision.

It is important to note that investing in a qualified ghostwriter is a worthwhile investment in your academic and professional future. A high-quality legal text can not only improve your academic rating, but also serve as a solid foundation for your professional career.

Pay attention to seriousness: How to recognize a trustworthy law ghostwriting agency

Choosing a reputable ghostwriting agency is crucial to ensure that the service meets ethical and legal standards. There are several indicators that can help you assess the credibility and reliability of an agency.

First, it is important to check the transparency of the agency. A reputable agency should disclose all relevant business information, including a full legal notice on their website. This imprint should clearly state the address, contact information and management. A transparent presentation of this information is a good sign that the agency is legally compliant.

Furthermore, a trustworthy ghostwriting agency should always be able to provide a proper invoice with VAT shown. This shows that the agency takes its financial and business obligations seriously and acts in accordance with the law.

Another aspect is the contract for work and services, which the agency can draw up if required. This contract regulates the specific rights and obligations of both parties and protects both the client and the service provider. Enabling such a contract underlines the professionalism of the agency. Finally, feedback from previous clients can provide valuable insight into how the agency works and how satisfied they are with it. Reputable agencies usually have testimonials or reviews on their website or on independent review platforms that demonstrate their credibility and the quality of their work.



Choosing a qualified law ghostwriter is a crucial decision that can have far-reaching effects on your academic and professional future. As we have seen, this process requires careful thought and consideration of various factors such as experience, cost, reputability and the customer service offered by the agency. A professional ghostwriter can not only help you master challenging legal writing, but also sharpen your argument and present your legal knowledge in an effective manner. The key is to choose an agency that is transparent, delivers high-quality work and operates in a trustworthy manner. If you’re ready to take your academic papers to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice and customized solutions. Visit our website, explore our services and let’s achieve your academic goals together.


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