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Ghostwriter comparison: an overview of all ghostwriters

There are many ghostwriting companies out there, but how do they compare? To answer this question, we looked at the following categories:

– Customer service (response time)

– Quality of the work

– Reliability (entry in the trade register, tax number in the legal notice)


Ghostwriter customer service in comparison

For this first category, we made inquiries to the best-known ghostwriting agencies and measured how many hours it took for customer service to respond.



Diagram of the results of our ghostwriter comparison

*As of June 2022, arranged alphabetically



The response time for the majority of ghostwriting companies is therefore less than 5 hours. The agencies Dr. Franke and Smart Ghostwriters perform slightly worse with 37 and 21 hours respectively. However, it is important to note that we only conducted this test once and these results do not necessarily reflect the true average. It is entirely possible that these two agencies require less time in other cases. It is also possible that the other 6 agencies that scored below 5 hours may take a similar amount of time to Dr. Franke and Smart Ghostwriters in other cases.



Customer satisfaction

A good indicator of the quality of the work produced is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we have summarized the customer reviews on for all the ghostwriting companies mentioned above in the following table:


Average review for each ghostwriting agency

* For all details marked with a “-“, there is no Trustpilot entry. This means that either no accounts have been created on Trustpilot for these companies or they have been deleted.

Reputable ghostwriters - information in the impressum

You can tell whether a ghostwriter is reputable by looking at the impressum. Dubious providers who do not provide their services and often only accept payment in cryptocurrency do not register their business in the trade register and omit legally required information in the impressum. As a potential customer, you should therefore always make sure that the company address and tax number are stated in the impressum.



In summary, our test shows that AKADS and GhostWritingTeam are the only ghostwriting companies that perform well in all three categories (at least in our test). For both companies, the response time to the request was around 2 hours. Both companies are registered with Trustpilot and have positive customer reviews. In addition, the imprint of both companies is complete. 

We also conducted a mini-study comparing the prices of these ghostwriting companies. You can find this comparison in our blog article Ghostwriter prices | Agency price comparison & price overview.


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