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Academic ghostwriting: What should I look out for?

A look behind the scenes of academic ghostwriting

Welcome to our detailed guide to academic ghostwriting. In today’s world, which is characterized by increasing pressure to perform, many students are looking for support. But what exactly is behind the term and how can it help you achieve your goals? We take a closer look at the field and explore the world of academic ghostwriting in this article.







What is academic ghostwriting?

Before we delve deeper into the subject, let’s first clarify what academic ghostwriting actually means. Essentially, it involves experienced authors writing academic papers on behalf of students. This can range from term papers to bachelor’s and master’s theses to dissertations. The key difference between ghostwriting and simply buying finished work is that the customer retains control over the end product. The work is individually tailored to your needs and specifications, resulting in a customized outcome.    

The importance of a reputable ghostwriting agency

A decisive factor in academic ghostwriting is the selection of a reputable agency. This will not only ensure quality and data protection, but also a plagiarism check to ensure that the work is unique. Trust and reliability should be a top priority to ensure that your academic career is not jeopardized.

Probably the most important aspects to consider when choosing a ghostwriting agency are pricing and the scope of services. In addition, some providers offer the option of splitting your payment into installments: This allows you to proofread partial deliveries and submit requests for improvements before paying the next installment. With reputable agencies, the offer is transparent and fair, taking various factors into account. Click here for our large price comparison of ghostwriting agencies!

Various services in one offer

The price usually includes the creation of the sample solution, comprehensive proofreading and a thorough plagiarism check. These services not only ensure the quality of the work, but also its uniqueness and originality. When choosing your academic ghostwriting service, make sure that these services are included. Good providers offer a reputable approach to data protection and the option to implement improvements free of charge.


The sample solution is created in close consultation with the client to ensure that all content-related and scientific requirements are met. In addition to the submitted specifications, attention is paid to a clear structure, logical argumentation and comprehensible language. Editing is another important step to correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and stylistic and scientific inaccuracies. A qualified proofreader puts the text through its paces and ensures that it meets the highest academic standards. Good agencies work with an in-house team of academic experts who thoroughly revise every piece of work. Most ghostwriting agencies also use specialized plagiarism software to ensure that all work produced is free of plagiarism. This step ensures the originality of the work and minimizes the risk of consequences for academic misconduct. The use of modern plagiarism software is therefore an important part of the services offered by reputable agencies.

How does the plagiarism check work?

The software works on the basis of extensive databases containing various sources and reference materials. When a text is submitted, the software breaks it down into smaller sections and compares them with the entries in its database. In doing so, it looks for similarities and matches with other existing texts. If potential plagiarism is identified, the software highlights these passages in the text and provides a detailed report on the findings.


A match level of less than five percent is considered harmless in the plagiarism check. This process enables a thorough check of the text for plagiarism, which helps to ensure academic integrity and gives you the certainty that your work is free of unauthorized borrowing of other people’s ideas. The best-known plagiarism software programs are Turnitin, Copyscape, Plagscan and Urkund. These programs are also used by educational institutions, publishers and professional writers worldwide to check the originality of texts and detect plagiarism. Each software has its own algorithms and databases that are continuously updated to ensure accurate and reliable checking.

The use of artificial intelligence

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to avoid using AI. Providers who still offer work completely without AI are usually unaffordable, while low-cost providers do not offer any customization or review of AI content. Good agencies only use AI as an aid, as an academic tool. The weakness of AIs such as ChatGPT lies in their superficiality and lack of ability to substantiate their content with scientific sources. This is why AI should only help authors with brainstorming, research and structuring texts. Reputable ghostwriting agencies therefore instruct their authors carefully on the use of AI and attach great importance to the scientific nature of the sources used. The actual academic work remains with the authors themselves. This ensures greater efficiency and quality without losing the individuality and uniqueness of the work.

Academic ghostwriting compared with other fields of ghostwriting

One question that often arises in connection with academic ghostwriting is that of legality. Academic ghostwriting in Germany is completely legal, as the works are offered as templates. Similar to ghostwriting for novels, music or lectures, it is a service that serves to support the customer and create space and time for other tasks. The immense pressure that many students are under cannot be denied. Our meritocratic education system and the competition for the best grades and positions do not offer the same opportunities for everyone. In this environment, academic ghostwriting can be a useful solution to reduce stress and focus on the essentials: learning and understanding the material. The works created serve as inspiration and guidelines for your own work, which supports the learning process.


Another important difference lies in the objective: while ghostwriting in other fields often serves to express the ideas, visions and style of the client, academic ghostwriting is about helping the client to achieve their academic goals and improve their own academic writing skills. In the academic field, ghostwriters must therefore not only have excellent writing skills, but also a deep understanding of academic standards and methods. They must be able to write academic papers according to the guidelines and requirements of the respective educational institution. 



In our guide, we have provided an insight into the world of academic ghostwriting and highlighted the various aspects. It should have become clear that the relationship between price and performance can vary greatly, just like with any other service. Tip: It may be worthwhile for you to only have a synopsis or a specific chapter written first in order to check the performance of the chosen provider! Academic ghostwriting can help students achieve their goals and reduce the stress of studying. However, when choosing an agency, it is important to pay attention to quality, reliability and data protection. If you would like to find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and support you on your academic journey.


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