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Have a technical paper written: 3 steps to success!

Anyone who still writes their own technical paper today has an unnecessary amount of work!

Why rummage through endless piles of books and plow through countless nights when you can simply rely on modern solutions? Digitization has provided us with a multitude of possibilities to make academic work not only easier, but also of higher quality. These possibilities are these two in particular: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and academic ghostwriters. So should you have your thesis written by AI or an academic ghostwriter?


This choice presents students and academics with an important decision. AI technologies offer impressive possibilities: They can efficiently assist with research, carefully analyze data and even create first drafts of specific sections. However, the deep technical understanding of an experienced ghostwriter cannot be completely replaced by algorithms. A professional author not only brings the necessary technical correctness, but also lends the work a higher quality through convincing argumentation and scientifically correct source references.


The decision whether to rely on the latest technologies or use the expertise of an experienced writer ultimately depends on personal priorities, your own scientific knowledge and the desired result. In this article, we reveal 3 crucial steps you can take to get your term paper written. These steps are designed to not only provide you with an outstanding technical paper, but also to make the process as stress-free and efficient as possible. Get ready to leave the traditional methods behind and discover how easy and beneficial it can be to get your term paper written.


Step 1: Select method - AI or ghostwriter?

Deciding whether to have your paper written by AI or use the services of a professional ghostwriter is crucial to the success of your academic project. Each method has its specific advantages and challenges that need to be considered.

Have a technical paper written by AI: What do you have to consider?

Having your thesis written by AI requires careful monitoring and control. Here you will find a compact overview of what you need to consider if you have your technical paper written by AI. – Checking the statements: AI-generated content must be checked for accuracy. Every statement made by the AI should be compared and validated to ensure that it is scientifically sound. – “AI hallucination”: Especially when dealing with complex and in-depth topics, AI tends to generate so-called “AI hallucinations” – i.e. statements or data that are fictitious or inaccurate. It is essential to pay attention to such discrepancies and correct them. – Source references: AI systems tend not to always substantiate statements with scientifically correct sources. A thorough review and addition of correct sources is essential to ensure the credibility of the paper. True, there are AI systems like that (unlike ChatGPT) are connected to the internet and can give you sources. However, these systems are not good at generating consecutive paragraphs of text at a high academic level. They are therefore only suitable for research and getting an overview of the research area. – Academic supervision: The AI should be supervised by a person who is familiar with academic standards and the structure of a research paper. This person should monitor the length of the individual parts, e.g. that the introduction does not exceed 10-20% of the total length.

Have a technical paper written by a ghostwriter

Choosing to have your thesis written by a ghostwriter means relying on the expertise of an experienced author who knows the academic and scientific standards inside out. There are also a few things to bear in mind here:


– Provide specifications: It is important that you communicate all relevant specifications, guidelines and specific requirements of your technical paper to the ghostwriter. This includes topic guidelines, structural information and specific research questions and objectives.


– Adherence to academic standards: A professional ghostwriter is familiar with academic standards and knows how to implement them in your thesis. They know the importance of sound argumentation, a coherent structure and correct citation. So this is one point you don’t have to worry about, unlike using AI.


– Customization: A ghostwriter can customize your paper so that it both meets academic requirements and reflects your personal touch. This creates a balance between professionalism and individuality that is harder to achieve with AI-written papers.


The choice between AI and a ghostwriter for writing your paper ultimately depends on your individual preferences, goals, and desired level of control and personalization. Both methods have the potential to produce compelling results, but require varying degrees of commitment and review.

Step 2: Send several inquiries!

Once you have decided to have your paper written by a professional ghostwriter, the next step is to find the right partner for your project. An effective strategy for identifying a suitable ghostwriter is to make several inquiries with different ghostwriting agencies. This approach not only gives you an insight into pricing, but also allows you to assess the quality of customer service. Here’s how you can go about it:


To find a good ghostwriter for your technical paper, it is advisable to take a strategic approach that considers two main aspects – pricing and customer service competence. Start by making comparative inquiries with different ghostwriting agencies. By providing specific details of your specialized work, you will receive accurate quotes that will give you a valuable overview of the pricing landscape. These quotes are crucial for making a comprehensive price comparison. Not only is such a comparison useful for identifying the best value for money, but it also informs you of the current market value of such services.


Tip: If it takes you too long to make an inquiry with several agencies, we’ve already done it for you! Feel free to take a look at our blog article Term paper writing prices | Comprehensive Overview!


In addition to pricing, evaluating the competence of customer service is another crucial factor. Observe how quickly and professionally the agencies respond to your requests. Prompt and clear communication indicates a high level of professionalism. The ability of customer service to respond individually to your requirements and questions provides important insights into the agency’s commitment and expertise. In addition, customer reviews or feedback on the agencies can be revealing. Positive feedback from other clients is often a reliable indicator of the reliability and quality of the services provided. By carefully examining these aspects, you can make an informed decision and choose the best support for writing your term paper. By obtaining multiple quotes and critically reviewing the customer service, you can make an informed decision on which ghostwriter or agency is best suited to write your technical paper. This process not only ensures the high quality of your paper, but also ensures that you receive a fair and reasonable quote.  

Step 3: Quality control

After you have had your paper written by a ghostwriter, a crucial step comes to the fore: quality control. This process is essential to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and fulfills all academic requirements. Once you receive the finished document, it is important that you take the time to review it thoroughly. Read the paper carefully and make sure that all previously defined guidelines have been followed and implemented. Adherence to academic standards is of utmost importance here, as these form the basis of any academic paper. Normally, all your requirements and the academic guidelines should have been taken into account by the ghostwriter, especially if the company employs permanent editors for quality control in addition to freelance writers. However, if you find any discrepancies or shortcomings, do not hesitate to make a request for improvement. Most ghostwriting agencies understand the importance of customer satisfaction and therefore offer free revisions to ensure that the final product is exactly what you want. It is advisable to be systematic when reviewing the technical paper. Check the structure of the argument, the validity of the sources, the coherence of the text, and the spelling and grammar. If you have any comments or requests for changes, document them clearly so that you can give the ghostwriter or agency precise feedback. Quality control not only ensures the academic integrity of your work, but also secures the value of your investment in professional writing services. Through this careful review process, you can confidently expect and present the best result of your specialized work.


Modern technologies offer valuable support for students who strive for time efficiency and high quality standards. The choice between AI support and a professional ghostwriter should be made based on personal requirements and the desired quality. It is essential to carefully compare offers from different providers and evaluate the competence of their customer service to ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.


A final quality check guarantees that the finished paper meets all academic requirements. With careful planning and the right choice, having your term paper written can be an effective way to achieve academic success. If you would like to have your paper written by a professional ghostwriter, we invite you to make a free, no-obligation inquiry using the form below. We will be happy to send you a quote! 


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