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Having a bachelor thesis written - is that possible?

Can I have my bachelor’s thesis written? Yes! With the help of a ghostwriting company, you can have your bachelor thesis written by a professional and experienced ghostwriter. But how is this possible and legal? The completed documents serve exclusively as a sample template for learning purposes. They therefore serve as an example and may not be submitted as your own work. Since established ghostwriting companies work 100% anonymously and discreetly and transfer the rights of use to the customer after completion of the documents, this point cannot be checked by the universities and colleges, nor by the ghostwriting agencies. As a customer, you will have no personal contact with the author and your personal data will be deleted after the order has been completed, so that complete anonymity can be guaranteed.


What is the procedure for having my bachelor's thesis written?

If you have your bachelor’s thesis written by a ghostwriter, the process varies from company to company. At GhostWritingTeam, we rely on a process that has been established over the years, which is as follows:

1. You submit a request via our contact form, in which you specify all the general conditions (deadlines, number of pages, topic).

2. Within 24 hours, you will receive a response by email from one of our customer service employees. In this e-mail, we will make you an offer for your order and state the price, which is made up of the deadlines, the subject area and the requirement level.

3. If you accept our offer, you pay (partial payments and deliveries are possible). We will then start work!

4. You will receive the proofread and plagiarism-checked delivery. If you have any requests for improvements, our customer service is always at your disposal.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your bachelor's thesis written?

The benefits of ghostwriting are obvious: many of our clients are already working full-time in their company and at the same time aim to gain a higher educational qualification to benefit from a higher salary bracket. Other clients want to deliver an excellent thesis and secure a better grade through the inspiration of the sample template. Getting your bachelor’s thesis written not only saves you precious time, but also increases your graduation success rate – the hardest part is often getting started with the writing and creating a well-structured foundation. These problems are taken off your hands when you choose a ghostwriter.

There can be disadvantages to having your bachelor’s thesis written for you. Unfortunately, we hear about cases of fraud and blackmail in the industry time and again. In these cases, dubious private providers threaten customers with contacting their university supervisors and informing them about the ghostwriting. For this reason, it is important to hire a professional ghostwriting company that is registered in the trade register. All legally required information such as the VAT identification number and address should be listed in the legal notice. In addition, it can’t hurt to take a look at the company’s customer reviews. Particular attention should be paid to whether there are any fake reviews. This can be recognized by the fact that an excessive number of above-average positive reviews are submitted by accounts that do not otherwise submit reviews. Click on the following image to find all of our customers’ reviews:

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Why use the GhostWritingTeam?

Compared to other ghostwriting companies, the GhostWritingTeam places great emphasis on transparency. If you compare our website with those of our competitors, you will notice some differences. It is important for us to maintain an honest online presence. That’s why we value external review platforms such as Trustpilot and avoid running customer reviews exclusively through our website. This means that negative reviews cannot be edited or even deleted. Compared to other agencies, we receive few reviews, but it is obvious that these reviews really do come from genuine customers.


In addition to transparency and honesty with regard to customer experiences, the GhostWriting team also has streamlined processes established over the years, from which you benefit directly when you have your bachelor’s thesis written. We provide authors with a format template for each type of paper, so that the formatting of the text and the creation of tables of contents, abbreviations and bibliographies do not have to be done by our authors. This gives the authors more time to focus on the exact topic of the paper at hand. The founder of the GhostWritingTeam was a ghostwriter himself for several years and therefore understands the resources that ghostwriters need in order to write high-quality bachelor’s theses.

Customer service is also defined by efficient standard processes. This allows us to guarantee fast response times without losing personality and friendliness. Improvement requests are quickly implemented by our writers and every delivery is checked for plagiarism before being sent.

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