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Finding a ghostwriter for your bachelor's thesis - everything you need to know!

Finding a ghostwriter for a bachelor’s thesis is not easy for students. After all, a lot of money and their own academic future are at stake. The wide range of different providers, including private ghostwriters and those employed by agencies, makes the decision even more difficult. For this reason, we would like to present 6 steps in this article that will help you find a suitable ghostwriter for your bachelor’s thesis.


6 steps to finding the right ghostwriter for your bachelor's thesis

  1. Write down what you want from your ghostwriter for your Bachelor’s thesis
  2. Search for a ghostwriter on the right platform
  3. Recognize the different types of ghostwriters
  4. Determine whether the ghostwriter is suitable for your requirements
  5. Give your ghostwriter clear instructions for the bachelor thesis
  6. Check the work of the ghostwriter

Write down what you want from your ghostwriter for your bachelor's thesis

Before you start looking for a ghostwriter for your Bachelor’s thesis, it is important that you have completed all the necessary steps in your studies. For some degree programs, this means that all or most of the exams and practical modules must be passed. For other degree programs, it means that the Bachelor’s thesis must have been registered and a topic or even a precise structure must have been discussed and determined with the first and second examiners. This first step is extremely important, as otherwise there is a possibility that the topic of the thesis will be changed and you may have already contacted and possibly paid a ghostwriter for a Bachelor’s thesis with a different topic.

After consulting with your professors, you should know the exact topic of your paper and the exact requirements, which will give you a clear idea of what you expect from your ghostwriter and what services you want. We will explain later in this article how you can communicate these expectations as effectively as possible and get the author to implement them in the best possible way.

Search for a ghostwriter for your bachelor's thesis on the right platform

As soon as you have confirmation from your university that you can write your bachelor’s thesis, you can start looking for a ghostwriter. This step can seem difficult due to the wide range of providers and possible places to look for a ghostwriter. 

In order to find a suitable ghostwriter for your bachelor’s thesis, you should pay particular attention to good communication even before you start working on your thesis. In most cases, you can tell from the first contact whether a ghostwriter or a contact person at a ghostwriting agency will respond to your wishes and queries, or will try to get you to pay as quickly as possible. With this type of communication, it can be assumed that little attention will be paid to your wishes and comments during the creation of the work and that payment will be given more importance than customer satisfaction.


Popular portals where ghostwriting services can be found include Facebook groups, Craigslist or, of course, websites of ghostwriting agencies like ours. With the various platforms, you should be aware that it is safer to hire an agency and contractually secure the transaction than to hire a private individual. In general, however, reputable offers can be found on ebay classifieds as well as on Facebook and via a Google search.

Be aware that there are different types of ghostwriters for the bachelor's thesis

In the case of ghostwriters, a distinction can be made between private ghostwriters and those employed by agencies. Private ghostwriters are tempting at first glance, as there is no middleman involved and payment goes directly to the author. However, it should be noted that private providers of ghostwriting services, e.g. on Craigslist, can be dangerous. There are repeated reports of private providers not responding after payment, providing no or very poor documents and even threatening to contact the university and report attempted plagiarized work. We do not mean to imply that all private providers of ghostwriting services blackmail their customers and act criminally. However, as a customer without an intermediary agency, you run the risk of this happening. When looking for a ghostwriter for your bachelor’s thesis, you should therefore pay close attention to professionalism and the conclusion of contracts and agreements. For agencies that do not want to sign a contract with you, you should definitely read through the company’s general terms and conditions. Private providers are not dependent on a company in order to receive orders, which is why even ghostwriters who act in a legally correct manner often deliver significantly poorer results.


By choosing an agency such as the GhostWritingTeam, you not only ensure that the authors do a good job in order to continue receiving offers. You also benefit from the fact that a ghostwriting agency goes through several quality assurance steps. This includes checking the work of a second, independent author that is employed with our agency and a subsequent check for plagiarized text passages.


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Determine whether the ghostwriter is suitable for your requirements

Another important aspect is that you should inquire about the author’s qualifications. In the case of ghostwriting services, care must of course be taken to comply with data protection regulations. However, the customer can be given general information about the ghostwriter for the bachelor’s thesis that does not lead to the author’s identity being revealed. This allows you to find out whether your ghostwriter is qualified or whether, for example, a student on a bachelor’s degree course is writing your master’s thesis. Also make sure that the service of your choice offers partial deliveries so that you can recognize the quality of your work early on and possibly request changes and provide feedback.

Give your ghostwriter clear instructions

This step includes, above all, an exact description of the topic and the requirements of your bachelor’s thesis.

The more information and instructions from the university, the better. This includes general guidelines on formalities as well as specific instructions on theoretical aspects and methodological procedures. The most important information includes the name of the degree program, the exact wording of the topic of the bachelor’s thesis, the desired number of pages and the submission deadline. However, further information can also have a positive influence on the ghostwriter’s work. 


The authors of the GhostWritingTeam have a variety of different guidelines such as the formatting of the document, the structure of the work and recommended citation styles. However, your university’s requirements or guidelines may differ, so as much information as possible should always be provided. If you submit a request via the form on our homepage, we will initially only ask for the basic data so that we can generate the price of the paper and send you an offer. If you are satisfied with our offer and accept it, the ghostwriter will start his or her work.

Check the ghostwriter's work

While the author is still working, after the first partial deliveries, it is important that you take a look at the work and determine whether the paper is generally written the way you want it to be. Your university’s guidelines and your own specifications should normally be adhered to by the writer, but unfortunately in a few cases misunderstandings and miscommunications can occur. In order to best satisfy you as a customer, we offer partial deliveries so that you can give the author feedback on their work while it is still being written.


In general, especially with low-cost and private providers, it is important to check the work to ensure that you receive a high-quality document. After all, no one wants you to spend a lot of money only to receive a poor grade on your bachelor’s thesis. Our writers offer you revisions in addition to partial deliveries and attention to feedback. If you are not satisfied with the paper, our writers will improve the document until it meets all the requirements you have specified.


Overall, it can be a difficult task to find a suitable ghostwriter for your bachelor’s thesis. Various factors make the choice seem confusing and overly varied. However, if you follow the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to master this task and achieve excellent results. Important aspects to keep in mind include being organized and providing clear information before and after the assignment, distinguishing between different types of ghostwriting services and recognizing fraudulent offers, which are usually made by private ghostwriters.


If you follow all the tips listed in this article, you should be guaranteed a successful collaboration with your ghostwriter or ghostwriting agency.


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