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Ghostwriter bachelor's thesis price - what should you expect?


For many students, the decision to hire a ghostwriter for their bachelor’s thesis is a practical solution to meet academic requirements while coping with time pressure and stress. But one of the most burning questions that arises is: what price should you actually expect to pay? The cost of ghostwriting services can vary greatly and depends on a number of factors, particularly the subject area and the urgency of completion. We have made inquiries with various agencies for the preparation of a bachelor thesis and compiled an overview of the prices. This allows you to compare prices at a glance and choose the right agency!


What influences the price of a ghostwriter for a bachelor's thesis?

When hiring a ghostwriter for your bachelor’s thesis, there are several factors that influence the final price. Understanding these factors can help you better understand pricing and make an informed decision. Here are the main factors that determine the price of ghostwriting services:

Length of the paper The length of the bachelor thesis is a key pricing factor. A longer thesis requires more research, writing time and revision, which is reflected in the price. Most agencies calculate their prices based on the number of pages or the number of words.

Complexity of the work The complexity of the work also influences the price. Technical or empirical work that requires the application of specific methods for data collection and analysis or the use of special software is often more expensive than purely literary work.

Delivery time The urgency of order completion plays a significant role in pricing. A bachelor thesis that needs to be completed in less than 12 days can be considerably more expensive than a thesis with a deadline of over 30 days. Short-term projects, especially for small agencies with few employees, require a faster work process and often involve working outside regular working hours, which increases the price.

It is important to choose a ghostwriter that not only meets your financial parameters, but also offers the quality and expertise required to successfully master your bachelor thesis. In the next section, we will look at and analyze the collected data on ghostwriting service prices in detail.

Experiment: We send inquiries!

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the pricing of ghostwriting services, we chose a specific type of academic paper as the object of study: a 60-page empirical bachelor’s thesis in the natural sciences. This type of thesis was chosen because it is highly complex, typically requiring a combination of literature research and in-house data collection. In addition, the topic of natural sciences reflects a broad spectrum of academic disciplines in which empirical research plays a central role. Two scenarios were defined to investigate the impact of delivery time on pricing: 1. delivery period of more than 30 days, which is a standard deadline for the completion of bachelor’s theses and provides ghostwriters with sufficient time for thorough editing. 2. delivery period of less than 12 days to analyze pricing under time pressure, which often occurs in practice when students seek professional assistance shortly before the deadline. For data collection, inquiries were made to a large number of ghostwriting agencies offering services to students. These agencies were selected on the basis of their visibility in the market, their reputation and their range of services in order to cover the widest possible spectrum of price options and service qualities. The selected agencies include both well-known names in the industry and smaller providers to ensure a comprehensive price overview. This methodical approach allows us to gain a detailed insight into the pricing structures of ghostwriting services and understand how various factors, particularly delivery time, influence costs. In the next section, the results of this data collection are presented to provide students with valuable information for decision-making.

Results: What is the price of a ghostwriter for a bachelor's thesis?

> 30 days< 12 days
AgencyPrice from Price toPrice from Price to


With a deadline of more than 30 days


The prices for a 60-page empirical bachelor’s thesis in the field of natural sciences with a delivery period of more than 30 days show a wide range. The agency Uni Ghostwriting offers the cheapest price at around EUR 1,600.00, while the agency Dr. Roland Franke is the most expensive option with a price of EUR 8,750.00. The average price ranges from EUR 4,802.00 to EUR 5,008.42, depending on the desired quality.


With a deadline of less than 12 days


Interestingly, for projects with a deadline of less than 12 days, the average price ranges from EUR 4,726.64 (if “standard quality” is specified) to EUR 4,903.86 (if “high quality” is specified), depending on the desired quality level. The lowest price is offered by Ghost & Write at EUR 1,290.00. The most expensive offer of 9,144.00 EUR was made to us by 


We wondered why the average prices are higher for a longer deadline than for a shorter deadline. The most likely explanation is that not every agency always responded. It is possible that more expensive agencies responded to our request for longer deadline work.



The data shows that the cost of ghostwriting a bachelor’s thesis can vary considerably and that this is mainly dependent on the agency chosen. The considerable price range underlines the importance of careful selection based on a balance between cost, quality and timeframe. Students looking to use a ghostwriting service should consider the reputation and reliability of the agency in addition to the price. The choice should not be made solely on the basis of price, but should also include quality features and previous experience with the agency. In general, it is advisable to choose an agency with medium prices, as in this case neither the quality of the sample template suffers nor is an unnecessarily high price charged.



Analyzing the pricing of ghostwriting services for a 60-page bachelor thesis reveals significant differences between the agencies. offered the most expensive option with prices up to EUR 9,144.00 for a short-term completion, while Ghost & Write stood out as one of the cheaper alternatives at EUR 1,290.00. Our extensive data collection has shown that costs can vary considerably, highlighting to students the importance of thorough research and comparison of available options. Making an informed decision requires weighing up the cost against the value the service offers to ensure that the finished work meets academic requirements and meets your needs. We have strategically positioned ourselves in the market using the analysis shown here. In this way, we ensure that our writers receive a fee that enables them to produce high-quality documents. Our prices are close to the average of the agencies evaluated here. We have also decided not to charge a large surcharge for short-term assignments. Since we have a large pool of writers and a team of 8 permanent employees for quality assurance, we can also handle short-term orders without any problems. In our opinion, the emergency situation of students is financially exploited when the prices for a shorter deadline are almost twice as high as for a longer deadline. We hope this article has helped you and invite you to make a free request at the bottom of the page!



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