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The pricing will vary depending mainly on the complexity of your topic and the time until the deadline. To provide you with a rough guideline, here are the prices for a document with a deadline of more than 14 days (excluding taxes):


Essays: starting at $45/page

Bachelor theses: starting at $55/page

Master theses: starting at $65/page

Dissertations: starting at $75/page


Why is the GhostWritingTeam more expensive than other services? You have probably noticed that there are websites offering the exact same services for $25-$30/page, sometimes even as little as $10/page. The problem with this is that the lower the price per page, the lower the quality of the document. Authors earning only $10 per page will write an essay or a thesis as quickly as they can to increase their hourly rate. In some cases, this leads to authors making use of sentence-restructuring bots or to simply plagiarise.

At GhostWritingTeam, we provide our authors with a generous working environment and reasonable wages. This is how we ensure top quality for all our academic products, which leads to better customer satisfaction and sustainability of the company.

You can get an overview of the prices of our different services here, however, we suggest to fill out our request form for exact information about the pricing of your individual job.

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Our writers pool consists of freelance authors, who each have at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Master theses are only written by authors with a Master’s Degree of course, and for dissertations, we employ postdocs and rehabilitated professors. Due to the generous wages and the awareness of the responsibility for the future academic career of our clients, our authors give their very best for each job and treat every document like it is meant for themselves.


Helping you succeed academically

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